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Lecture Delivered by Dr. Michael J. Storozum from Washington University

With the invitation of the History and Museology Department, Dr. Michael J. Storozum from Anthropology Department of Washington University made a 10-day academic visit to the College. Dr. Storozum began his journey from 13th April, 2017, and would participate in the 2nd Session of Environmental Archaeology Seminar hosted by the College. During his stay, he would also talk with related personnel about academic collaborations between BUU and Washington University, partnered with Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Peking University, Renmin University of China, University of Science and Technology of China and the China Academy of Social Sciences.

Dr. Storozum’s lecture centred around the concept of Geoarchaeology, its development and three major objectives of current research, namely Restoration of Ancient Surroundings, Impact of Ancient Mankind on Environment, and Analysis on the Evolvement of Archaeological Excavation Sites. Various examples and evidence were presented during the lecture to give further explanation to the aforementioned three areas.

Dr. Storozum referred to China’s recent development in Geoarchaeology, and its potential influence on its globalization. He emphasized that Geoarchaeology is an essential component of archaeology.

The lecture sparked a big round of discussion on what distinguishes Geoarchaeology from and links it with Environment Archaeology and Landscape Archaeology. Students hugely benefited from the lecture and their horizon of academic research is raised to new level.