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Tenured Professor Yetan from South Carolina State University Gave a Lecture for Journalism and Communication Department

Tenured Professor Yetan from South Carolina State University Gave a Lecture for Journalism and Communication Department 

Jun 20th, 2017

On the afternoon of Jun 15th,2017, Professor Ye Tan from South Carolina State University gave a lecture titled “Three Sinomania and Neo-conservatism in the US”. Mrs. Du Jianfeng, director of Journalism and Communication Department presided over the lecture. 


Professor Ye Tan is a tenured professor of South Carolina University, dean of Confucius Institute of the university. He was taught by Northrop Frye, world-renowned literature theorist and cultural critic from Canada in the 20th century. He studied Shakespeare and Film in New York University. In 1992, he earned a PHD in Comparative Drama in Washington University. Among his numerous academic monographs and papers, Opened Door: Theory and Practice for Modern Film and Drama Creation in US and China is regarded as “the holy bible for screenplay”. Since 1995, he has given lectures in many prestigious universities and academic institutions from home and abroad and has been a main organizer and a member of the judging panel of many Film Festivals in China.  Meanwhile, he is also involved in the creation of many feature films and documentaries. 

 China, the largest developing country and the United States, the largest developed country, are separated by the vast Atlantic Ocean. Sino-US relation is one of the most important bilateral relations in the world today. Professor Ye delved into Sino-US relations by giving an overview of three backgrounds thereof, delineate the three Sino-mania and the social language context and overall features therein, that is Sino-US relations during World War Two, New Situation After diplomatic relations resumed, and opportunities and challenges in Sino-US relations after the economic takeoff on the part of China. Professor Yetan also gave a detailed analysis of the third Sino-mania and neo-conservatism, focusing on the basic developing trend of Sino-US relations after President Trump’s inauguration. The lecture is not only full of extensive information but also a large amount of convincing examples and pictures, captivating the audience all through the lecture. Finally, at the Q&A stage, professor Ye Tan answered varieties of questions from students and gave high remarks on students ’insights and perspectives. After the lecture, professor Ye visited the Cultural Relics Museum and Three Hills and Five Imperial Gardens Digital Experience Center. 

(Source: Journalism and Communication Department)